Why Diplomas Online

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process is a summative, assessment only pathway for an individual to achieve vocational qualifications. It assesses the competencies acquired by an individual during their working life through formal, non-formal and informal learning.

The outcomes and rewards are exactly the same for an individual who participates in the RPL Process as they are for an individual who attends class and participates in the training and assessment pathway. The difference lies only in the methodology used to achieve btaining the outcomes and rewards

The Benefits of RPL and our Online Assessment Platform


No requirement to attend class


No requirement to study


No requirement to sit exams


No requirement to submit assignments


No requirement to take time off work

Eligibility for RPL


You must have as a minimum at least 2-5 years recent work-related experience that is specific to the units being assessed.


You must be able to provide referees who can verify their work-related experiences


You must be able to access and provide genuine evidence of their skills, associated workplace documentation and work-related experiences


You must meet with minimum Foundation Skills requirements for the Qualification they are seeking.


To have skills formally recognised in the national system, assessors must make sure the candidate has the skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard. This means the process will be comprehensive and cover the content of all unit/s or qualification/s that a candidate can be recognised for.

A minimum of three assessment methods will be used in the RPL process. The assessment methods used are dependent upon the qualification and the industry. In the case of a business qualification it has been determined that the three primary assessment methods will be a) Supporting documentary evidence, b) Third Party Verification and c) Written questions.

Should the three primary assessment methods not satisfy the assessor then the secondary assessment methods of a competency conversation and/or the observation of practical tasks will be employed.


The cost of completing a Diploma qualification with Diplomas Online is NZ$1,950.

The RPL process is conducted online and will require between 3 – 4 hours to complete the online questionnaire, send off the third-party verification forms and list and upload all supporting documentary evidence. The time required to locate and upload supporting documents will vary from candidate to candidate and will depend upon access and availability of these documents.


Diplomas Online will provide a self-assessment evaluation form which must be completed to their satisfaction prior to completing an Enrolment/Application form.

Once Diplomas Online are satisfied that a candidate is suitable for RPL they will provide an Enrolment/Application form which must be completed by the candidate. The candidate must at this stage provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI) when enrolling. Contact Details Diplomas Online