Australian Qualifications

How to Obtain Australian Qualifications for Kiwis?

Are you a New Zealand native who wishes to work in the land down? If so, I bet you are probably applying for various jobs already. Not all jobs require a diploma, but the position you are eyeing must call for one if you are reading this article. Luckily, there are some methods you can explore if you wish the gain the proper Australian qualifications!

Recognition of New Zealand qualifications

Did you already complete your studies in New Zealand? If you have degrees or certificates from a Kiwi university or polytechnic, you might already be eligible without having to do anything else. As this is also a way to go if you decided to complete distance studies in New Zealand or any other place in the world. The same can also be true if you have a license for your occupation.It means that you don’t have to sit for exams, but you will need to get your qualifications assessed for a fee. You need to submit certain documents for this. The goal of the assessment is to compare your credentials against the Australian Qualifications Framework. It is used to determine whether your competence and capabilities are sufficient in the Australian context. You can refer to this website for details about the process

Studying in Australia

There are many reasons why one would want to consider studying in Australia. Firstly, There are many higher-ranked universities to be found there, In fact, there are 8 Australian institutions in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings! Australia has a well-established international student program for this very reason. While New Zealand also has excellent schools, none of them is well-regarded as the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University.

New Zealand passport holders are allowed to study at Australian tertiary institutions without applying for student visas. There are plenty of universities and polytechnics to choose from across the subcontinent! We will also pay the same fees as Australian students, though this legislation has been under fire recently. It is essential to understand that you are not eligible to apply for a loan unless you are a permanent resident.

Earning a degree at an Australian university or polytechnic is one way to obtain Australian qualifications. By doing this, you will already get the necessary training for employment! However, it will cost a lot of money, time, and effort on your end so decide wisely.

Ending notes

New Zealanders will get a particular kind of visa that allows them to live, work, or study in Australia for as long as they like! Attaining Australian qualifications is merely the first step, however. You will still need to get a Tax File Number (TFN) so that you can receive your income. You need to accomplish the necessary paperwork so that your employment and residence can be considered valid and legal.