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An exciting new way to obtain an Australian Qualification without going back into the classroom. By combining our unique and innovative online assessment platform with Recognition of Prior Learning you can receive your Diploma in record time.

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It’s affordable and can be completed in a matter of hours. It provides access to higher educational studies and enhances your career prospects.

About Diplomas Online

Diplomas online aims to provide accessible learning and obtaining of business diplomas for work experienced people. One can easily achieve these diplomas if he/she meets with the minimum foundation skills requirements. We use a unique and innovative online assessment platform with Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) which allows you to obtain diplomas at a particular time.

With Diplomas Online Australian Qualifications (Online courses NZ ) can be easily obtained without going back to the classroom. It neither requires to attend the classes nor sit for exams. RPL Process has its benefits and is helping innumerable people to obtain business diplomas with this easy-going procedure of distance learning NZ. Click on the link to know more about our RPL Process for obtaining Online diplomas of business in nz.


Why Diplomas Online

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process is a summative, assessment only pathway for an individual to achieve vocational qualifications. It assesses the competencies acquired by an individual during their working life through formal, non-formal and informal learning.

The outcomes and rewards are exactly the same for an individual who participates in the RPL Process as they are for an individual who attends class and participates in the training and assessment pathway. The difference lies only in the methodology used to achieve the outcomes and rewards.


The Benefits of RPL and our Online Assessment Platform

No requirement to attend class

No requirement to study

No requirement to sit exams

No requirement to submit assignments

No requirement to take time off work

Eligibility for RPL

You must have as a minimum at least 2-5 years recent work-related experience that is specific to the units being assessed.

You must be able to provide referees who can verify their work-related experiences

You must be able to access and provide genuine evidence of their skills, associated workplace documentation and work-related experiences

You must meet with minimum Foundation Skills requirements for the Qualification they are seeking.